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Grammer Land & Exploration specializes primarily in the preparation of detailed and thorough mineral and surface ownership reports and opinions. Reports are prepared only after a complete analysis of all recorded instruments in title chains, probate documents and civil court divorce and litigation filings. In addition to record ownership, reports will include production data, examiner's notes, necessary curative, leasehold status, royalty status, surface right of way as well as on-site field notes and photographs when necessary.


Grammer Land & Exploration has acquired leases and established good relationships with mineral and surface owners throughout the southwestern United States. Grammer Land & Exploration makes mineral and surface owner relations a strong priority and often insists on in-person discussions regarding its leasing and acquisition efforts. Grammer Land & Exploration puts a strong emphasis on the protection of mineral and surface owner rights and the negotiations of all terms while providing the most aggressive service to its clients.


Grammer Land & Exploration has represented independent oil and gas companies in divestiture and acquisition transactions across the Southwestern United States in both due diligence efforts and construction of purchase/sale agreements, corporate partnerships, mergers and corporate buy-out agreements and overseen transactions in excess of $31 million.


Grammer Land & Exploration handles all aspects of corporate partnership formation between interested parties, contract formation, PSA's, joint operating agreements, AMIs, farmout agreements, lease assignments, master service agreements, liability agreements, acquisitions and divestitures and oil and gas litigation. See Legal heading below.


Mr. Grammer has represented independent oil and gas companies across the Southwestern United States and has actively practiced law before the United States Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, the United States District Court the Northern District of Texas, the Western District of Oklahoma, the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas, the District of Nebraska, the District of Colorado and the United States Courts of Appeals for the 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th & 10th Circuits.


Grammer Land & Exploration handles all aspects of regulatory compliance with the Texas Railroad Commission, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, as well as under all federal and state regulatory agencies and maintains active involvement in both lobbying efforts, bill tracking and legislative review at both the state and federal levels. For these purposes, Grammer Land & Exploration maintains offices and an active presence in both Austin and Washington, D.C.


With a background in civil contract and business litigation, Grammer Land & Exploration is astute in the terminology, theory and principles of effective negotiations. GL&E has brought this experience and knowledge into the realm of negotiations of surface damage clauses with land owners. GL&E is familiar, on a state by state basis, of differing statutory and common law principles governing surface damage negotiations and in some cases involved in the legislative processes concerning newly developed statutes in this area.


Using various resources, including actual on-site inspection and documentation, Grammer Land & Exploration can provide accurate and detailed reports regarding well history and production statistics. In addition to reporting on desired acreage, Grammer Land & Exploration also provides well log reports, production data and drilling history on adjoining acreage in an effort to provide the most thorough analysis of formation potential.


Having acquired leases, researched title and developed resources in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Kansas, GL&E also provides consulting services in a vast area of issues. GL&E's main areas of consult are oil and gas law and regulations, unitization and pooling, title analysis, E.R.C.O.T. and landowner issues concerning the public utility commission and Texas Railroad Commission.


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